Bushra Amiwala for Cook County Board

Featured in The Chicago Tribune and TeenVouge, what makes Bushra Amiwala so special? Bushra Amiwala is a 19 year old Muslim, first generation Pakistani-American, woman who is running for the 13th district Cook County Board. Bushra's goal is to change the image of political officers, empower the youth and minorities by giving voices to those who have been silenced and unheard for too long, and rewrite the ignorant narrative of Muslim women. Bushra's devotion to these efforts is seen though her refusal to accept large sums of money disguised as "donations" from big corporations and people who aim to use political officers as their pawns. Instead Bushra runs her campaign on her money and donations from her family, friends, and community.

"Passionate, Inspiring candidates like Bushra, make me along with other youth excited to vote in the primaries and exercise our political rights. I stand with Bushra as a strong political activist that I can see myself in"
- Hajirah Khan, a junior and fierce debater at Niles North High school (17)

" Over these past few months, her campaign has empowered young people, women, and people of color, not just in her community, but across the country. I am her peer and her supporter, but most importantly her friend who is inspired daily by Bushra's insane ability to lead and enact the future we all so desperately want." 
- Jack Evans, a sophomore at Depaul University, where Bushra also attends college (19) 

"Bushra looked me in the eyes and said, you are the type of person I want in the forefront. I want women, young empowered women to be a part of this campaign. But I’d have to disagree with Bushra here, this isn’t a campaign, this is a movement... We stand by Bushra because of her commitment to empowering young women to hold leadership positions, her belief that a campaign is more successful run by the people that by corporate donors and influencers, and her character and courage to take fight for the change and transparency she believes in--no matter what barriers stand in her way. Bushra inspires us all in different ways for a number of reasons. Yet together, we know that Cook County is ready for change, Cook County is ready for Bushra. And together we must work for the success of this movement in action."
- Gracie Fleming, Bushra's campaign manager and junior at Depaul University (20)